– Istanbul –

– Berlin –

View from the train. Poland.

 – London –

iew from my flat. London.


Look Back in Anger project. London.

The piece of work shows a text for the play ‘Look Back in Anger’ digitally projected on the window inside, for the public outside. The performance was created for people to be startled in their houses while living their lives, based on the same moral dilemmas as those shown in the timeless play. The characters’ dialogue between truth and hypocrisy, conventions and freedom of expression, words shouted and unspoken in the face of peoples’ daily lives. As a strong inspiration to create naturalistic, unpretentious climate in our material we have chosen Alfred Hitchcock movie ‘Rear Window’.
As in our leading idea it portrays how we identify with the other people, how we interpret the truth - how we defend against it or fight for it.


permanent transformed into non–permanent/